New website!

Welcome to our new Website!


It's been a long few months in the making, and also a long few months of silence from us. With this new website we hope to continue to provide a one-stop website with all the information you're looking for. Although right now a lot of content still needs to be put in place we hope to soon have our humble website back to 100% operating capacity. 


We hope you all find this new website easier to navigate, and find the information you're looking for quicker. We designed this website from the very start to be more responsive on any device you plan to visit our website on from either your computer, all the way down to your smartphone device. Also included in this new website is a lot of backend content that will make our jobs easier, but also new ways to deliver content to you. Take a moment to look around our new website and we certainly hope you enjoy the new browsing experiance. While we believe this website to be responsive on all devices please do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problems with the website.


In closing, we would also like to take this time to thank our web-designer for this new redesigned website. Without his help this new website could not have been possible, and we simply cannot thank him enough for all of his hardwork he put into this website. 





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