Welcome to the Arts and Culture Track

Has your interest in anime sparked a desire to learn more about Asian culture? Do you love all things related to the arts? Do you have geek or alternative culture that you want to celebrate? The the Arts and Culture track is the place for you!

List of panels and descriptions:

MAKING A WEBCOMIC: Ever wanted to make your own webcomic but just didn’t know how to get started? With this presentation, you will learn everything from how to plan out your comic to where to host and advertise your work!

PARTYING HARD WITH ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: The con scene can be both exciting and overwhelming to those diagnosed and struggling with issues of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. An experienced convention-goer, panelist, and convention bon vivant will give you tips and advice on how to capitalize on your Anime Blues Con 8 experience without letting your mental health get in the way. This panel is designed to help make your experience stress-free in a safe and supportive environment.

HOSTING 101: Being naturally charming helps, but there are key steps many people miss when presenting programming. That’s why we are here to show you how to host and look good doing it!

GUESS THE ARTIST- K POP EDITION:  Come and see if you know your stuff about K-pop. Their will be a a game of artists, songs and basic style to test your knowledge. Win great prizes, discuss this year’s event involving the industry, and most importantly make new friends.

JAPANESE IDOL GROUPS: When people think of idols they think of AKB48, but there are more idol music groups in Japan now than ever. These groups display a wide variety of genres ranging from Pop to Metal. This is an informative panel to help you keep them all straight and introduce you to a new world of music.  It also will provide you with a tremendous amount of insight on wota (idol fan) culture and the idol industry. Come check out these cute female idols and observe their amazing talent.

CON ETIQUETTE: It’s really not hard to be a respectful attendee! In this panel, we’ll explain exactly how to have the best convention experience by following basic geek etiquette.

AOKIGAHARA – LEGEND OF THE SUICIDE FOREST: Aokigahara, popularly known as the Suicide Forest of Japan, is shrouded in mystery. We will explore the facts and fiction, history, and controversy of this infamous place.

ZUMBA – NERD FIT: Come shimmy and shake with fellow con goers to nerdy parodies of popular music.

POLELUMINATI: Get a sneak peak behind the pole dancing, acrobatics, and aerial feats that combine to make Memphis’ most spectacular variety show.

WAFUKU – HOW TO WEAR KIMONO: In this panel, we’re going to cover the basics of how to dress oneself in kimono, from the appropriate under layers through basic tying of the obi. With a little practice, anyone can do it!

LGBTQIA+ MEETUP: Come join your fellow LGBTQIA+ members in appreciating ourselves and each other! We will discuss important topics concerning the community, allow time for personal stories, and take time to mingle amongst ourselves.

K-DRAMA FEVER: Do you love Korean dramas such as My Secret Romance, You’re Beautiful, and Boys Over Flowers? Come discuss your favorite K-dramas and watch some great clips from some of our favorites!

WAFUKU – KIMONO TYPES AND COORDINATION BASICS: Everyone knows what a kimono is, but did you know that they come in a variety of styles and formalities? We will discuss many of the existing types and how to coordinate them according to Japanese tradition (as well as some modern interpretations).

COSPLAY MUSIC VIDEO WORKSHOP: Love watching cosplay music videos on YouTube? Well now you can learn how they’re made from a local expert! Join Josh Mason of Mason Studios for a workshop where he’ll teach you all the tricks to making an epic cosplay video as well as some basics on how to grow on YouTube!

EMO-PHASE CRINGE-FEST: Hosted by Miss Mae, this panel is sure to be in your top 8.

ONE HELL OF A PANEL: This panel will focus on anime that contains demons including: Devil is A Part Time, Black Butler, and others… and look at how different anime handles the concept of demons. Whether they are pure evil, or simply misunderstood beings.We will also look at demons in different cultures such as Christianity and Japanese culture, and talk about how these cultures and religions have influenced demons in pop culture with an emphasis on anime.

MYTHS AND LEGENDS OF JAPAN: Like Japanese myths and legends? Like anime, manga and video games? Want to know how they’re all related? Come find out! Every story has an own origin, every character a legend, and every myth a movie!

YOGA FOR GEEKS: Conventions can get hectic. Come stretch it out and decompress- the geeky way.

ABJD – ASIAN BALL-JOINTED DOLLS: A beginner’s guide to BJD from what they are, how to get them, customization, and history of BJD in Japan.