What does it mean to Pre-Register for Anime Blues Con?

  • You can purchase Anime Blues Con badges in advance of the event, starting now, through June 1st online. These badges are good for all days of the convention, and badges can be picked up at any time during the weekend so long as the Registration desk is open. Your badgewill allow you access to all public areas of the convention including all guest panels, autographs, video gaming, table top gaming, and so much more!

Why Pre-Register?

Pre-Registering for the convention has some great benefits for you! These include:

  • Saving money! Prices go up as the event gets closer, so the sooner you regiser, the more money you save!

  • Being able to pick up your badge the earliest on Thursday before the show really kicks off on Friday!

  • A seperate line is available for picking up Pre-Regisered badges, and goes much quicker!

  • Not having to pay for the event, and whatever purchases you may want to make at the show all at once!

  • Get additional items autographed by our Special Guests!*

*Not available from all of our Special Guests.


If you’re attending Anime Blues Con as a group (Two or more badges under the same transaction)

  • Group membership badges can only be picked up by the Primary Attendee – the person who paid for the badges online. From there, it is their responibility to distribute the badges to their group.

  • It is best to plan to arrive either together, or after the Primary Attendee, as they are the only ones who will be able to pick up the membership badges. If you arrive before the Primary Attendee, you must wait for them to pick up the membership badges.

Picking Up Badges:

  • You will need either your Eventbrite confirmation receipt, or photo ID.
  • If ONLY bringing photo ID the name MUST match the name on the ticket (The person who registered)

  • You do not need government issued ID, but it is generally the easiest form of identification. Other forms of ID will be allowed at the registration director’s discreation.

Special Notes:

  • Anime Blues Con badges are non-refundable. If you have Pre-Registered for the event, and can no longer attend, you can transfer your Anime Blues Con 2017 badge to another person, or to the following year. Unused badges from ABC 2015 and earlier can no longer be transferred.

  • If you need to transfer your badge, you may do so up to 30 days after the end of the convention. If you do not contact us within this time frame, we will be unable to transfer your badge.

  • If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact us at:

Individual Pre-Registration:

  • There will be one line for ALL Pre-Registered membership badges.

  • You must bring either Eventbrite confirmation receipt or Photo ID. The name on your Photo ID MUST match the name on the badge/ticket (The person who bought the ticket)

  • Only you may pick up your badge.

  • You can not pick up your friend’s membership badge, and your friend cannot pick up your membership badge.

Group Registration: (Two or more badges)

  • Group Leaders/Primary Attendee will get in the Pre-Reg line.

  • Only the Group Leader/Primary Attendee will be able to pick up badges for the group.

  • If for some reason your Group Leader/Primary Attendee  can not attend, they will need to contact us prior to the convention to change the Primary Attendee for the group.

  • The Group Leader will need to show either Eventbrite confirmation receipt or Photo ID (Perferably both) to pick up badges which it is then the Group Leader responibility to hand out badges to the group.

  • Individual group members will NOT be able to pick up their badges.

What’s considered Photo ID?

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drivers License

  • State-Issued ID Card

  • Armed Forces Identification

  • Passport

  • School / College / University Student ID