Anime Blues Con

Blues Bazaar

Anime Blues Con Blues Bazaar

Blues Bazaar is a new event for 2018. One of the most popular requests from our attendees is to have a place where one can bring their old manga, figures, DVDs, cosplays, and etc to sell, trade or buy with one another. We are happy to present Blues Bazaar, a swap meet marketplace for our attendees! On Sunday from 10AM-12PM, Panel Room 1 will be transformed into a marketplace. Table and chairs will be provided and it is absolutely FREE to all attendees to bring your wares to trade or sell!

Its time to take those old figures, manga, scrolls, plushies, DVDs, backpacks, cosplays, video games, k-pop music CDs, cassettes, DBZ VHS tapes out of the closet, basement, and attic and start making some cash so you can spend it all in the vendor’s room!

Please follow this easy guideline if you wish to participate in this event.

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