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Cosplay Off Pageant

Anime Blues Con is excited to announce our beloved, sexy Cosplay OFF contest is now the Cosplay OFF Pageant!



(closes May 31, 2022 at 11:59PM) (Or when entries are filled)

Please direct all inquiries to


All The Cosplay Information You Need

  • – The contest will now be conducted in a pageant style format.
  • – Contestants will compete in an evening wear, question, and “talent” (strip tease or adult/sexy themed talent) phase. Contestants will change outfits between the evening wear and talent phase. The question phase will be conducted in evening wear.
  • – Contestants are asked to attend a rehearsal the day before the contest, June 10th, 2022 at 2pm. Main Ballroom. This rehearsal is imperative for contestants to get a feel for the new format and make last minute adjustments to their routine or performance.  Exceptions will be made for extreme circumstances that are approved in advance by the track director (work or travel are not considered an extreme circumstance).
  • – All contestants must follow Tennessee state law in regard to minimum clothing requirements in order to compete. This includes coverage of the following:
    • – All male and female front genitalia must be completely covered.
    • – Female nipples must be covered.
    • – G-strings or “banana hammocks” are discouraged as they do not typically provide adequate coverage. C-strings are not permitted.

Contestants will be judged on the following criteria – Overall Appeal, Entertainment, and Creativity – with a score of 1-5 for each phase in each of these categories, 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest score.

Prizes are subject to change but generally consist of:

  • – 3rd place – award/prize
  • – 2nd place – award/prize
  • – 1st place – award/prize, crown/tiara, free pass for next year, seat on the judging panel for next year



  • – Contestants will meet for a rehearsal and pre-contest meeting Friday, June 10th, 2022 at 2pm/Main Ballroom) 


  • – A sash will be provided so that the contestant will be able to write and decorate on it. These will given at the rehearsal meeting. The location should ideally represent an area or place within the series the contestant picked. If an original character, the contestant may choose whatever location they deem appropriate. No repeat locations will be allowed. Contestants choosing the same series will have to select different places within the series. If contestants cannot come to a mutual agreement, then the contestant who submitted their entry first will get first pick.


  • – Contestants should arrive 1 hour prior to the event on June 10, 2022. Contestants should arrive in their evening wear and ready to go with their talent portion clothing to change into.
  • – Contestants will have the hour prior to the contest starting to stage their outfit change backstage, do any final stage walks, and receive their clothing inspection by staff.
  • – Contestants not in minimum clothing requirements will not be allowed to compete.

  Show Summary

  • – Contestants will be called up on stage to show off their evening wear first and then given their questions for the question phase while still in evening wear. After their question phase is complete, they will be dismissed to change for the “talent” portion. After completing the talent portion, contestants will be called back for the award ceremony.

  Evening Wear Phase

  • – Evening attire should consist of clothing more formal than strictly casual clothes. However, as this is not a traditional pageant, contestants may stretch the meaning of formal attire to conform to their chosen character and needs. Ideally, the formal wear should match the chosen character to a certain extent but need not be a complete costume on its own. It should be a garment the contestant can quickly change into/out of backstage. 
  • – Elaborate and difficult garments to get on and off should not be worn.
  • – The garment can be more serious or have a more humorous take on the evening attire requirements.
  • – While not recommended, the same attire may be worn for multiple phases if the character chosen wears an outfit that aligns with phase requirements. For example, if a character normally wears formal-wear as a part of their canon costume, the same outfit could be worn for both the evening attire and talent phases.
  • – One helper per contestant is permitted backstage to assist with changes if absolutely necessary. 

  Question Phase

  • – The question phase will consist of two questions per contestant. 
  • – One question will be given to the contestant in advance to prepare an answer that is no longer than 20 seconds. 
  • – The second question will also conform to the 20 second answer constraints but will only be revealed once the contestant is on stage.

  Talent Phase

  • – The talent portion will consist of no more than 4 minutes per contestant. Music, if using,  must be submitted by June 1, 2022 in mp3 or AAC format to jessi.gaston@mcaentertainment.orgNO YOUTUBE VIDEOS, SPOTIFY LINKS, APPLE MUSIC LINKS, OR STREAMING LINKS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO CELLPHONES OR IPODS WILL BE USED TO PLAY MUSIC. All music must be DRM-free.
  • – Contestants may do a strip tease or other interpretation of the term talent that must remain contained entirely to the stage area. If not doing strictly a strip tease, we ask that you keep the talent with a sexy or adult focus.

Rules and Policies

  1. Contestants must be age 18 or older by June 9, 2022.
  2. Contestants must participate in all phases of the contest to be eligible for awards.
  3. Contestants must follow all Tennessee state laws regarding legal minimum clothing requirements. A required safety check will be administered to ensure compliance. A staff member of the same gender will administer the check (no touching is allowed with the check). Contestants are solely responsible for educating themselves on Tennessee nudity laws.
  4. Music must be provided by the contestant in advance of the competition to test for quality and playability. It must be emailed to in either AAC or MP3 format by June 1, 2022. NO YOUTUBE VIDEOS, SPOTIFY LINKS, APPLE MUSIC LINKS, OR STREAMING LINKS OF ANY KIND WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO CELLPHONES OR IPODS WILL BE USED TO PLAY MUSIC. All music must be DRM-free. Music may be no longer than 4 minutes in total length. Music will be cut off at the 4 minute mark if it goes over the time allowed.
  5. Due to time and location constraints, contestants will have to change backstage in a mixed gender environment.
  6. The order of go will be determined by when entries were received or random draw. The order of go is not negotiable.
  7. Contestants can expect to have no more than 5-10 minutes to change between phases. Being late on stage when the contestant is called may be cause for elimination. It is the contestant’s responsibility to plan their outfits accordingly. In extenuating circumstances, the order of go may be altered to allow the affected contestant more time to prepare. Changing makeup or hair is not recommended. Contestants are advised to choose hair and makeup that can be worn throughout all the phases.
  8. All contestants must conduct themselves in a cordial and appropriate manner. Harassment or bad sportsmanship of any kind are not permitted and will result in immediate disqualification and removal from the event. Particularly poor behavior may result in expulsion from the convention itself. Anime Blues Con is a zero tolerance harassment zone.
  9. Contestants are permitted to bring one assistant to help with changes if necessary. As backstage space is limited, only one helper will be allowed per contestant. Contestants are asked to only bring the outfit changes necessary. Extra equipment is not allowed due to limited space. Backstage lighting may not be available. Plan appropriately.
  10. Only individual entries are allowed.
  11. Contestants are required to keep all moves within the talent portion of their performances on the stage space itself. Contestants are not allowed to go out into the audience. It is also required to keep moves and actions safe and conform to ABC weapons policies. Any potentially dangerous stunts such as flips, kicks, twirling swords, etc. are required to be approved by the director prior to the performance. No flashpots, silly string, sparklers, glitter, thrown objects (besides garments), etc. are allowed. Anyone in violation of this policy assumes responsibility for any cleanup or damage fees imposed by the convention center.
  12. Surprise the audience. DO NOT surprise the staff. If you have anything that is questionable, please run it by staff first. Any action deemed unsafe or inappropriate, even those things not expressly written here, can be cause for elimination and dismissal.
  13. The judges’ scores are final and cannot be changed. In the event of a tie, the director will be called to break the tie.
  14. No photos or videos of any kind will be allowed in the backstage area to protect contestant privacy.
  15. Religious, political, racist, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate symbols, actions, or language is NOT allowed on stage. Violators will be immediately eliminated and potentially removed from the convention center subject to the director’s decision and based on the severity of the action in question. Any questions regarding the appropriateness of something should be directed to the track director.
  16. The track director or other Anime Blues Con executive staff reserve the right to change any rules, procedures, or other event aspect at any time without warning. ABC reserves the right to remove contestants for reasons other than those explicitly expressed here.
  17. The contest will follow all pertinent COVID protocols at the time of the convention. These protocols are subject to change quickly due to a rapidly changing environment. 
  18. Any contestant visibly intoxicated will be dismissed from the competition. 

General Information