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Welcome To Otaku Track!

Welcome to the Otaku Track, where we let YOU, the attendees take the reins! All of our Otaku Programming is presented by attendees, so if you attend panels you like, let us know! If you have an idea for a panel that you think could be amazing, put in a panel application for next year!

ABC 2019 Otaku Panels:

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Being in school can be hard, but trying to save the world and your true love at the same time? Talk about a nightmare! Join us as we look into the history of our beloved magical girls and decide for yourself – do you have what it takes?

VocaNight Fever’s Annual concert is back! Come in to enjoy a holographic vocaloid concert! Dance and sing along to some of your favorite songs, and overall just have a good time! We hope to see you there!

Kpop and Jpop idols are bigger than ever with extremely intense fan bases. How do the fandom’s support compare and contrast from one another? Come learn how to connect to your favorite group.
It’s an informative panel of the differences and similarities of Kpop and Jpop. We will introduce you to the Hallyu (Korean Wave) and wota (idol fan) culture!

Mental illness, including depression and anxiety, can really make a massive sensory overload at an anime convention like ABC especially daunting. In this panel, we’ll talk about strategies used to manage yourself, make friends, and make the most of your ABC experience! Questions, discussion, and shared experiences are welcome!

They just don’t get it? Have a favorite series or game that just seems…wrong when it transitioned to the big screen? In this panel we’ll take a deep dive into how Hollywood can screw up even the most universal series…with biting candor.

  • Ladies and Gentleman, everything in between, and Danganronpa fans of all shapes and sizes! Get ready for the Danganronpa event of the year! Members from all three killing games have come together to answer the questions you have waited so long to ask, and can’t wait to meet their many fans! There will be Mini-games and photos after all is said and done, so don’t miss your chance to meet the Ultimates you’ve so desperately wanted to see!
  • A panel full of any of your favorite Seven Deadly Sins ships. With interactive games and prizes! Come and derp out with your favorite Sins!
  • Time: Promptly Noon
    Location: Room of Requirement
    Mission: Save the Wizarding World from the forces of evil

Could you pass the Chunin exams? Come test your knowledge of all things Naruto. Maybe you can be the next Hokage!
Join Miss Mae for a very magical afternoon tea!
A fun test of your Studio Ghibli knowledge! Join me as we talk all about Ghibli and do trivia, complete with small prizes!
Sink Your Ship gives a satirical look at “One True Pairings” (OTPs) and relationSHIPs. Bring your least favorite or favorite ship and see how it holds up. No ones ship is safe!
Join us for all talks of webcomics. From Homestuck, to Webtoon classics.
Get your body moving by joining us for a beginner’s lesson in ParaPara dancing, a fun, high-energy synchronized dance from Japan!
Everyone has a childhood! Come join us for talk of our favorite toys from when we were kids!
Wanna know the basics Kingdom Hearts story before getting into the game? Got confused halfway into the series? Look no further! We’ll be spending some time giving an easy to understand breakdown of the Kingdom Hearts story.
Lighters if you love games, drama, and pajamas then the DELTARUNE sleepover party is the right place for you! Bring your jammies and comfy pillows!
Join local storytellers for a selection of traditional ghostly folk tales told in the Edo period style. Join the ancient samurai test of courage, and check your weapons at the door!
Being disabled, whether it be invisible or otherwise, and attending a convention can be very overwhelming and painful. From the mouths of those who are disabled themselves, we invite you to come take a break from the hustle and bustle of this great event to learn tips, tricks, and advice from experienced, disabled nerds. This event is for the able-bodied and disabled communities alike, as it will include a Q&A, guides for both parties, and even prizes!
Boys of My Hero Academia……..IN CHEER UNIFORMS?! Come join the boys for an hour of fun and games!
Did you know that not all Japanese female manga artists had a background in writing or drawing manga when they first started out? What about the fact that the person who jump-started the late 90’s/early 2000s GO craze was none other than female manga writer and GO amature Yumi Hotta? No matter your answers. No matter your depth of knowledge. Come swing on by and Get to Know Your Favorite Female Mangaka(s) through juicy discussions and engaging art activities! You never know as to what special surprises you may find.
This panel is a great place for you to meet other members of the LGBT+ community with similar interests! Discussion topics include our experiences as LGBT+ people, queer representation in media, and the ways in which sexuality, gender, and geekyness collide.
All aboard the S.S. Fairy tail ! Come test your knowledge of the anime, defend your favorite ship, and compete to win prizes!
K-Pop Dance Performance and Workshop with Incredi-별. The panel will start with a dance performance by our group. After we perform, we will ask the audience to choose their favorite dance out of the songs we performed and we will teach it to them as well as ask them random trivia about K-Pop.
This hour of comedy by fellow ABC attendees for you “esteemed” guests performed by a bunch of hopeless nerds attempting to grab the spotlight will hopefully be slightly more entertaining than an hour fruitlessly looking for items you can’t afford in the Dealer’s Room. If not? Hey, it’s free!
With all the fun and excitement that comes with a convention, it’s easy to lose yourself in the chaos and put yourself in situations of extreme fatigue and stress. This panel aims to help teach mindfulness and self-care to convention goers of all walks of life, and to de-stigimitize mental health by sharing personal experience and personalized, practical tips and tricks. This panel will also feature a guided meditation session to help alleviate tension to make the rest of the con even more enjoyable.
Ever want to give a competitive shooting game a go? Want to take your Splat skills to the next level? This is the panel for you; Find out what it takes to raise your skill in Splatoon 2 to that high-level play you desire!
Come see Musesouth Cheer you on to be an idol! It’s your chance to come and learn all about being an idol and also gain some cool prizes for participating!
Come prove yourself the as the Kpop dance master! Dance along with other fans to the music !
Lolita fashion is more accessible than ever! Join us as we cover the basics of lolita fashion, discuss the history and evolution as it pertains to Japanese culture, and even have a fun, free giveaway.
Do you think you’re an expert in all things InuYasha? Yes? No? Well come test your knowledge in this fun game show! See if you have what it takes to be called the ultimate InuYasha fanboy/fangirl!
Monika, Yuri, Sayori, and Natsuki welcome all ABC goers to spend an hour in their club room. They will happily answer any fun questions, do some dares, and play some literature themed games! We are also more than willing to give out hugs and take pictures!
Vocaloid Memphis is coming to you! We’re a live action cosplay dance group, and we’d love to share our songs with you! After the concert is over, there will also be some fun mini games with the members and some trivia with prizes for audience members! Stop by if you’d like to have some great, Vocaloid fun!
Character you love to hate or hate to love? In this panel we will skewer your favorite characters will biting criticism and humor. Viewer discretion advised!
It’s not ABC without the chaos of Werewolf! Using strategy, deception, and observational skills, it’s up to you to and your fellow attendees to surmise who is the werewolf! Or pick them off one by one.
Come and learn about myths and legends of Japan and the many anime, manga and video games they appear in! We will discuss the importance of storytelling and how it helps keep culture and history alive.
Do you like Gunpla? Zoids? Plastic Models? Then, this panel is for you! Bring your built models for display in our Exhibition, and bring a new model to work on with the rest of us! Veterans and Newbies are welcome to sit and snap, or just talk about Mecha anime, models, and just hang out! Sandpaper, snippers, and glue will be provided.
Music tells stories, compels people to action, and is the soother to a long and stressful day. Even casual listeners to general music can recognize a few show tunes or musical names, and for the more intense fans of classics old and new, this is a great place to build community and show off our knowledge, not to mention learn things. There will be small prizes for playing and participation in this Jeopardy-style panel all about musicals and the people who make them.
In my event, I will talk about the comparison between older, beloved cartoons and the ones that air today. Amidst major criticism on both sides, I believe it is good to analyze and get opinions on, even down to topics such a humour and character design.
Come one, come all! Come see future heroes Shoto and Deku talk about their classmates love lives!
Join me and my friends as we (attempt to) sing various anime openings Acappella style for your chance to win a super-special-awesome prize and be crowned king or queen of deciphering our terrible singing!! Will you know the anime OP we’re singing!? Cause we’re gonna make sure we don’t until the mic is in our hands!! Good luck and please prepare for vocals like you’ve hopefully never heard them before!!!!
If you have a moderate degree of familiarity with Japanese culture, you may have heard of the famous Japanese host clubs. But this iconic fascinating slice of modern Japanese culture has an even more fascinating history. This panel will discuss host clubs, how they came to be, where to find one, and even how to act if you find yourself in one.
Ladies, gentlemen, and enbies, are you thirsting for a panel demonstrating the most beautiful men of all fine tastes, from femboys to bishies to studs to bears, complete with games and irreverent comedy? From yaoi to slash to gay erotica to dating sims and everything in between, we got you and your thirst covered.

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