Cancellation of Anime Blues Con 2021

Cancellation of Anime Blues Con 2021

Dear Anime Blues Con Community,

We want to thank you for your continued patience with us while we have been monitoring the spread of the coronavirus and what that means for the event and your safety. It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to cancel Anime Blues Con 2021. Like many of you, we held on to hope that this would not be the case this June and that it would be safe to return and see all of our friends. With the current state of the pandemic in America and the speed of vaccine distribution, it would be unsafe to hold an event of our size.  Our Board of Directors did not come to this decision lightly, and carefully considered all the options available to us.

Our staff has spent the year planning for the possibility of holding an in-person event and we’ve come to the conclusion that while it might be too soon to host a large 3-Day, 5000 person event we think it might be safer to host a smaller 1-Day event. With that being said, we’re proud to announce our first ABC “Summerfest” Remix at the Landers Center on June 12th, 2021!

We already have planned a full day’s worth of Panels, Cosplay Contest, games, marketplace, and more! If you have already Pre-Registered for Anime Blues Con 2020 willing to once again roll-over your ticket to Anime Blues Con 2022, you will receive a complimentary ticket to ABC “Summerfest” Remix! (More to come on this later) If you have already opted for the refund, or you would like to go ahead and receive a refund and still attend ABC “Summerfest” Remix then it will simply be $10 per person. We will NOT be taking Pre-Registration for this event and you would just pay on-site.

With Love,
Anime Blues Con

Cancellation Details

Attendee Registrations

All attendees who Pre-Registered for 2020/21 memberships will be automatically rolled over for our 2022 convention. We’ve seen the community ask how they can support events that are canceling due to the coronavirus. As a non-profit organization, this option would help us close out the remaining financial commitments open for 2021 and begin planning for 2022. And of course, by choosing to roll-over your ticket from 2020/21 we will give you a complimentary ticket t0 ABC “Summerfest” Remix.

We do understand that not everyone may be able to attend our convention in 2022 or may need the money desperately. Any attendee who would prefer to have a refund on their Pre-Registration must submit a refund request by visiting

Refunds will be issued by using PayPal’s “send money” feature and will be sent to the email address listed when submitting the form. (Please be sure to double-check your email address spelling). By using PayPal’s “send money” feature the funds will NOT go back on the card used and instead be added to your PayPal balance where you can then cash out to a Credit/Debit card of your choice. We had to go this route due to PayPal’s limitations on not allowing refunds past 180 days. If for some reason this option does not work for you, please contact us at so we may explore other refund options.

Refunds will only be issued to the person who initiated the transaction (In other words, the person who bought the badge). If you are not the person who paid for your membership/badge, (For example a parent or friend) you will need to coordinate with them about receiving a refund.

Once you submit your refund request on our website we will work towards processing your request as soon as possible. We are expecting a large number of requests in the first few days and it will take us time to process them all. Submitting multiple requests for the same refund or for different members in your group will only delay the processing of your request.

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