The Formal Ball is one of the highlights of our many events we have to offer at Anime Blues Con. It is a chance to mingle with other Anime fans in an elegant atmosphere of class and sophistication. In order to maintain the proper atmosphere, we ask that our attendees respect each other and the event by following our dress code.

Our policy can best be described as creative Black Tie. Tuxedos and Ball Gowns are preferred and will always be appropriate. Suits and cocktail dresses are also allowed. Cosplay is encouraged, but must fit the formal nature of the event. The costume must either be something the character has worn to a formal event or would wear to something this special. A great way to attend as your favorite character is to find a formal outfit that echoes the character’s color scheme, then add the appropriate hair and makeup for the character. Stealth Cosplay using tuxedos and ball gowns. Dress uniforms are always appropriate, provided they are in fact accurate. Current Military personnel understand that duty wear is not at all appropriate and have been trained to wear the proper ‘Mess Dress’ for the situation.

Crossplay is allowed, if done seriously and with the tone of the event in mind. Dressing in drag as a joke or prank is not allowed. As previously stated, Tuxedos and Ball Gowns are the preferred attire regardless of gender. We want to see you in your finest whatever you are wearing.

No jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, sportswear, or trenchcoats - please. Converse All Star sneakers are not allowed, even if you are cosplaying as the Doctor. He knows when to wear the proper footwear and would do so for us (we asked).

Masks are discouraged as they can impede vision, which can be dangerous on the dance floor. We also request that any wings or other items do not extend beyond the shoulder. Large wings can also be a hazard while ballroom dancing.

No replica weapons/props, please. This is an evening of refined entertainment, not a place for the tools of conflict.

A tie will be required with all suits.

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