ABC Formal Ball

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The Formal Ball is one of the highlights of our many events we have to offer at Anime Blues Con. It is a chance to mingle with other Anime fans in an elegant atmosphere of class and sophistication. In order to maintain the proper atmosphere, we ask that our attendees respect each other and the event by following our dress code.

This year’s theme is: Yarn Ball – Cats

  • Cosplaying with the Ball’s theme in mind is encouraged. However, wearing cat ears with tail in a plain t-shirt/jeans is not acceptable. Swimwear that the characters may portray is also not acceptable.

  • If you do not have a cosplay for the theme, semi-formal wear is acceptable. This includes tuxedos, ball gowns, suits, cocktail dresses, and dress uniforms. What you would wear to a prom, wedding, or black tie event is appropriate for the Ball.

  • T-shirts, baseball caps, jeans, swimwear, sandals or shorts (unless in cosplay) and especially bare feet are not allowed.

  • We also request that any wings or other items do not extend beyond the shoulder. Large wings can also be a hazard while ballroom dancing.

  • No replica weapons/props, please. This is an evening of refined entertainment, not a place for the tools of conflict.

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