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Get excited for our Special Guest panels this year!

Panels by Con-Quest:

Super Hallway RPG Tactics: The ever popular Super Hallway RPG is back! But this time, with Tactics? Grid based fighting comes to life in this new adventure. Work together with your team to overcome the darkness or cast a dark shadow on the realm of light.

Chocobo Racing: On your mark…Get set…KWEH!

Pork Nationals: Rule number one of Pork Nationals: Don’t talk about Pork Nationals. Rule number two: Tell everyone about Pork Nationals. Rule number three: Have fun.
Pork Nationals is a no holds barred but no Lizard, bomb, spock allowing Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament hosted by the dynamic duo of Evan and Khriztion.
The Big Gold Pork Nationals Trophy is up for grabs. Will you be the one to shoot the best?

Metal Gear Escape: Tactical Espionage Action!
Panel Gear Solid is an action immersive game where you must stealthily infiltrate the enemy’s base and destroy their secret weapon from within!
Basic concept: Players take turns sneaking into a maze-like panel room and avoid detection from our patrol units, who follow predetermined walking patterns. Players must solve simple puzzles while not being detected.

Panels by Cosplay-Senpai: 

D&D Podcats – Is it Good Thursday Yet?!: Critical Role, The Adventure Zone, World of Havira, and why listening to other people play Dungeons and Dragons is just as much fun as playing it yourself.  There will be tips for DMing your own game, resources for mapmaking, and character creation suggestions!

Pokemon – 20 Years and Still Training!: From Red and Blue to Sword and Shield, the Pokemon franchise has affected every area of media, and shows no sign of slowing down.  This panel covers everything from team building and trivia to cosplay and music.  There’s always something to talk about when it comes to Pokemon!

Broadway! The Resurgence of Musical Theatre: Mega-hits like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen have brought Broadway musicals back into mainstream media.  Come talk with us about your favorite shows, ones you’ve seen, and what’s on your list to watch!

Anime You Might Have Missed:We’ve all seen Haikyuu, Yuri on Ice, and the latest season of Fairy Tail, but what about those hidden gems that slip under the radar?  This panel covers several anime from the past few years that deserve just as much of a fanbase as the more popular ones.

Panels by Vitamin H:

Anime in America: America has been importing “Those Weird Asian Cartoons” for longer than most of us have been alive, and the journey from animation cel to your television or computer has been longer and more storied than you might think.  Join Vitamin H as we explore the history of anime as seen from this side of the Pacific, from black-and-white television shows of the 1960s through the rise of Toonami and the fall of Geneon and ADV.

Otome-nia!: A somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at the world of otome games – dating games for girls. We look at the history of these games, the precursors that defined them, and the vast amounts of spinoffs the genre has spawned. Otome RPGs, Otome Rhythm Games, anime, iPhone games, and even… Choose-Your-Own-Adventure CDs?! Even those who aren’t huge fans of the genre are sure to enjoy this panel as we explore some of the most unique, inventive, and just plain weird stuff that otome games have to offer.

Mahou Shoujo Universe: For more than 50 years, we’ve been enchanted by the frilly pink badasses known as magical girls.  But beneath their elegant exterior lies a complex and captivating history that’s filled with all kinds of surprises.  Join Vitamin H as we explore the universe of magical girls, from the early inspirations in American TV to the modern, ultra-slick shows that captivate audiences throughout the world.

Terror Through Time: Blood! Terror! Nonsensical plots! These are the films that defined a horror generation, from the “cha-cha-cha” of Jason Voorhees to the edgy one-liners of Freddy Kreuger. Make sure you’re prepared for this cavalcade of danger, death and silliness.​

Hot Dads of Anime: Oyajicons rejoice!  If you like your anime men to be a bit more on the mature side, maybe with a beard or a bit of scruffy stubble, then you’re not alone!  Come join Vitamin H for this hour-long collection of the best ossans anime has to offer, including some you might not’ve met before.

But We’re Both Girls! (13+ Recommended): While male homosexuality has been well-documented in Japan since samurai days, love between women, well, hasn’t.  Yuri – lesbian manga and literature – has a relatively recent history in Japan, owing largely to Japan’s strict gender roles and conservative culture.  Vitamin H documents the history of this genre, which most certainly extends past the blushing fan-service seen in today’s anime.

Your Favorite Final Fantasy Sucks (PG): Epic battles! Giant swords! Morbidly obese fantasy chickens! Vitamin H skewers the quirks of the Final Fantasy franchise and schools you on why Your Favorite Final Fantasy Sucks.  (Audience interaction is mandatory, as ordered by the Shinra Corporation.)

I am Panelist, and So Can YOU!: Love going to panels?  Want to run your own?  Vitamin H (along with special guest star Becky Miyamoto from Paniponi Dash) is here to help you make them great!  Covering everything from choosing a topic, the process that goes into planning, pitching your panel, and public speaking tips to getting feedback and staying in contact with your fans. We’ll help you make your audience as excited about your topic as you are!

AMV League: Please go to for rules regarding entry for the AMV League!

What the Actual H?! (18+): Is it a game show? Is it a debate panel? Is it a showcase of wacky and wild anime clips? What the actual H IS this panel? You’ll have to show up to find out!

The Big Bad Bara Panel (18+): A panel about geikomi, yaoi’s older, beefier brother. Written by and for gay Japanese men, these stories feature guys who’re bold, brash, bodacious and decidedly burly. If you’re looking for an LGBT History panel with a heaping helping of gratuitous male nudity, you’re sure to love this panel!

Hilarious Hentai Dubs (18+): Experience the world of outrageously over-the-top adult anime dubbing.  Whether it’s bizarre lines, contrived plots, insane innuendos, or just plain bad acting, you’re sure to laugh out loud as we bask in the madness of some of the best(?) English-dubbed scenes from adult anime.

Panel by Special Musical Guest – The Slants: 

How Being Asian Got Me In Trouble: Simon Tam, from The Slants, gives this inspirational and hilarious talk about the journey of the band. From its humble beginnings to fighting before the U.S Supreme Court, it’s the kind of heartfelt story that you won’t want to miss!