Walk-In Registration

Walk-In Registration2019-02-01T02:41:06+00:00

When can I pick up my badge?

THURSDAY – Sorry, there is no Thursday pickup for Walk-In Registration.

What does Walk-In Registration mean?

  • If you couldn’t or didn’t register online before the cutoff date before the show, you can still attend Anime Blues Con! Walk-In badges give you the same access to events, autographs, video games, table top games, that Pre-Registered attendees will have.

How does it work?

  • When you arrive at the Memphis Cook Convention Center Exhibitt Hall/Ballroom Level), you will be directed to the registration area. There will be two lines, one for people who Registered online, and one for Walk-Ins. If you have not purchased a badge online, go through the Walk-In line. You will be able to pay with cash or credit when you arrive at the desk.

Do I need anything special?

  • Nope. Just bring yourself, and have fun!

Types of membership badges available?

Anime Blues Con offers full 3-Day badges, and 1-Day badge options for adults and children. You cannot pick up a badge before the day it will be utilized however. This means that:

  • Friday: 3-Day badges, or Friday only badges will be sold.

  • Saturday: 3-Day badges, or Saturday only badges will be sold.

  • Sunday: Sunday only badges will be sold. (I mean feel free to buy a 3-Day badge anyway if you really want to)

I see that there is a 3-Day membership and 1-Day badges, but no 2-Day option? What gives?

  • The reason for this is because it is cheaper to buy a full 3-Day badge, or the same price as opposed to buying two 1-Day badges on two separate days. This saves money on our end, and saves time on your end.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • Cash, Debit/Credit Cards, and Vanilla Visa Gift Cards.

How much are Walk-In Registration Prices?

  • 3-Day Badge: $50

  • Friday Only: $30

  • Saturday Only: $30

  • Sunday Only: $20