The Anime Blues Con (ABC) Weapons Policy is a summary of items that are not allowed at the convention.

Bladed weapons:

  • Metal-bladed weapons are allowed so long as it can be sheathed and peace-bonded in a way that the sheath cannot be removed. (Swords)

Projectile firing weapons:

  • You may possess projectile firing weapons if they have been permanently and substantially disabled.
    • Bows, crossbows, etc:
      • Arrows must be dulled, and cannot cause physical harm
    • Airsoft, BB, Nerf, blow, and Paintball guns, etc:
      • Must have a permanent orange tip on the muzzle
      • Must have an orange stripe, at least one inch wide, on all of the following applicable parts: grip, magazine, stock.
  • You may not carry any ammunition
  • No magazine installed in device
  • Barrel must be plugged
  • Trigger group must be removed if possible

Items designed for offensive or defensive purposes:

  • Any item that is designed, marketed, intended, possessed, or sold for offensive or defensive purposes will not be allowed. (Expandable batons, mace, pepper spray, bear spray, flail/mace, brass knuckles, etc.)


  • You may not possess any firearms or device capable of delivering a projectile with a chemical reaction, explosive, or pressurized container. (Pistol, revolver, derringer, taser, pepperbox, shotgun, rifle, cap and ball, zip gun, etc.)

Dangerous and destructive devices:

  • Any “dud” or “de-milled” items must be obvious: no primer, no charging system, substantial inspection port, etc.
  • Destructive devices are not allowed at ABC events (explosives, ordnance, grenades, ammunition, cannons, flamethrowers, flashbangs, smoke grenades, mortars, bazookas, primers, detonation cord, firing caps, etc.)

Large props & replicas:

  • Must be less than 7 feet in length
  • Must be less than 20 pounds
  • Any prop that is used in an offensive or defensive manner, that would otherwise be permitted under this policy, shall be considered a restricted weapon under this policy.


  • Public safety personnel (Convention, Hotel, Convention Center, and Memphis City Police) will be present at all times during the convention. At all venues, you will be under observation, even if you don’t have a weapon or are wearing a costume.

Peace bonding:

  • A Peace Bonded weapon is an item that has been inspected by ABC staff, and has been secured so that said item can be recognized as a non-lethal weapon by means of identification.
  • All prop weapons, realistic or not, must be peace bonded by ABC Staff.
  • Peace bonding is available at the Public Safety checkpoint at Registration.
  • Removal of a peace bond or addition of one by anyone other than ABC Staff will not be tolerated.


  • In order to protect their own safety and that of others, ABC attendees understand, agree, and consent that designated ABC representatives or public safety personnel throughout the convention have an absolute right to inspect costumes, weapons, and any other items, and that attendee will submit to such an inspection. Any attendee must submit their costumes, weapons, and other items to an immediate inspection upon request or must leave the convention. In the event a person declines to submit to an inspection and refuses to leave, they shall be immediately expelled from the convention and escorted off the premises.


  • This policy shall apply at all official MCA Entertainment Group events, including, but not limited to: Anime Blues Con, ABC Staff and/or Directors meetings, and work days, and shall apply on the property of the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel, Memphis Cook Convention Center, and all surrounding parking lots, walkways, roads, parks, recreation areas and/or any other area reserved for use by Anime Blues Con.
  • Only ABC may determine whether any particular item covered by this policy is permitted or not permitted at ABC and such determination is solely, exclusively, and absolutely at the discretion of ABC. Persons who do not cooperate with the determinations of ABC concerning the application of this policy to any particular item may be immediately expelled from the convention. If it is later discovered that a person brought a working weapon to any current or prior year ABC, that person may be banned from attending future conventions.


  • Persons who carry or otherwise bring prop weapons, replicas, or similar items do so at their own, sole, and absolute risk, and assume all risks of liability, harm, damage, or loss to any person or property injured or otherwise harmed, intentionally or accidentally, directly or indirectly by such items or the person carrying them.
  • Anime Blues Con is and shall not be liable for any injury, harm, damage, or other risk or liability associated with any person’s use of any weapon, replica, or prop, whether permitted or banned here after at ABC.
  • In no event shall ABC, MCA Entertainment Group and/or its affiliates and subsidiaries, or the Sheraton Memphis Downtown Hotel, and the Memphis Cook Convention Center have any liability for any incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages hereunder, even if informed of the possibility of same.