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Exhibitors (Vendors & Artist Alley)

Anime Blues Con 2022 Exhibit Hall Application

Vendors & Artist Alley Applications will be accepted February 1st, 2022 – February 28th, 2022

We will try to inform all Artist Alley & Vendors of their status by March 31th, 2022.

Our Exhibit Hall is juried and we have very few spaces available for new Vendors & Artists.

Anime Blues Con is an exciting venue for Exhibitors

Anime Blues Con is an exciting venue for Exhibitors of all kinds to cater to a highly targeted demographic from all walks of geekdom. Our members are a captive audience for the entire weekend event, giving Exhibitors a chance to showcase their products and services.

To be considered, please email us at, with the following information:

Please note due to Convention Center policy, we can not accept Vendors selling Food or Weapons.
Once we close applications, we will email everyone that has applied with either acceptance or waitlist status.

Dealers/Exhibitors Booth

$400 - 450 February 1st - 28th

Artist Alley Booth

$175 - 200 February 1st - 28th

Quick Facts

  • Anime Blues Con welcomed over 4500 attendees at the 2019 Anime Blues Con.
  • The Exhibit Hall will be held in the Southwest Hall of the Renasant Convention Center. (Formally. Memphis Cook Convention Center) Downtown Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Your first Vendor Booth comes with two(2) Vendor Badges; subsequent booths include two(2) additional badges.
  • Pictures of your booth setup and/or merchandise is required


  • Any goods or services deemed illegal in the US or in Shelby County, Tennessee
  • Unlicensed Music CD’s Video CD’s, DVD’s Blu-Ray Discs, Computer and Video Game software
  • Non-Anime and Manga adult material or paraphernalia
  • Paraphernalia that may be used for illegal substances
  • Unlicensed merchandise or artwork
  • Open food items

The Anime Blues Con Exhibit Hall is currently NOT accepting applications. Thank you for your interest.

General Information