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Autograph Policy

Introducing the Autograph Line Reservation System!

We understand that it’s very frustrating to want to get an autograph from a popular guest, but not be able to due to a large line, or a long wait. We have implemented a system for all schedule guest autograph sessions that should help ease the pain of autographs for those who really want to get a signature from a guest!

Starting at 10:00 am (Daily) Located next to Registration (where you purchase your badge) the ALRS will open allowing you to get an autograph voucher (While supplies last) which will guarantee an autograph during the specified time. Autograph tickets are valid for that day only. We still suggest arriving at least 15 min prior to your specified time.


Matt received an autograph voucher for Friday Group A for Guest 2, and James received an autograph voucher for Friday Group B for Guest 2. Guest 2 Schedule in front of their booth indicates Friday Group A session is between 1pm-1:30pm, and Group B session between 1:30-2pm. So once you have your autograph voucher, simply show up at the Guest booth during the indicated time to get your free Autograph!

Extra Information:

Attendees are allowed only 1 free autograph ticket per Guest (doing the free signings via tickets) for the entire weekend. So if you get a Guest 3 autograph ticket on Friday, you will not be able to get another Guest 3 autograph ticket on Saturday or Sunday. You can then get Guest 2 or Guest 1 at that point if you have not already. Also, if you missed out on getting a ticket for a Guest on Friday, you can always try again on Saturday or Sunday. Friday Tickets are only available on Friday, Saturday on Saturday, and Sunday on Sunday.

What if you could not receive an autograph ticket? We will have a limited number of standby tickets available. Standby tickets will not guarantee an autograph by the guest but will have a chance if the Ticketed groups complete their sessions and there is still time remaining. Once the standby tickets are all taken, that Guest’s line is Full and no one else will be allowed into their line for that day. An Autograph ticket or Standby ticket is required to enter any Guest line that is using the ticket system. 

What if you want to pay for an autograph? In some cases, you may have already redeemed your free autograph ticket from Guest 2 and later in the weekend you pick something up in the Dealer’s room you want signed (from Guest 2) and are willing to pay for the autograph. We will have a very limited amount of tickets just for this scenario. These will be available at the autograph ticket table as well known as “Purchasing Only” Ticket.

By using this system this will allow our fans more time to enjoy the panels they would like to see instead of worrying about having to stand in line for hours at a time.


In an effort to predict wait times for autograph lines and to allow our attendees and guests to have as much fun as possible at Anime Blues Con, the following guidelines should be observed.

  • All attendees must be wearing their attendee badge or wristband (of any type) to show that they are valid attendees to obtain an autograph ticket.
  • Each guest (that is signing for free) will have a pre-set number of autograph tickets that will range from approximately 100-200 daily. These can be picked up daily next to registration at the autograph ticket table (while supplies last).
  • Anyone past the allotted daily ticket amount will not receive a ticket (Standby tickets are subject to quantity limits too). Individuals with tickets are not guaranteed an autograph. Whether or not they receive an autograph depends on how quickly the line moves during the allotted time.
  • Anime Blues Con reserves the right to end the line to keep events (and guests) on schedule.
  • Attendees are not allowed to line up for an autograph session more than 60 minutes before the scheduled start time. Attendees gathering in the vicinity of the autograph section before that time will be asked to disperse.
  • To keep the line moving, we request that attendees bring absolutely no more than two items to be signed. Items should also be prepared for signing. For example, DVD inserts should be removed from the case and posters should be unrolled.
  • Attendees are welcome to take photographs of the guests if the guest allows it, but we ask that they please refrain from asking the guests to come around the table for a posed shot.
  • Attendees participating in disruptive or rude behavior may be asked to leave the autograph area.
  • In 2019 and beyond all Anime Blues Con Special Guests may decide on their autograph policy. Some will charge for all autographs, some will charge after the first autograph, while some might make all autographs free.  Anime Blues Con will inform attendees what this guest has decided on. Pricing will be determined by the guest.
  • Special Guests may end the session at any time to adhere to their convention schedule.

If these simple rules are followed, you can help as many of our friends enjoy Anime Blues Con as possible. The faster the line moves, the better chance the person behind you will get the opportunity to meet their favorite guests!